Sogeum (by Salt) was founded in Singapore in 2013. The label was evolved on the foundation of elegance and exclusiveness that enriches the customer’s satisfaction. Authenticity and originality are of utmost importance to this label, ensuring that every product is outstanding and Korean-made.

Each product is distinct and presents a different style. These products are hand-picked by our very own fashion stylist, every season to be sure to keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry, remaining trendy to entice our customers.

Not only that, being especially particular on designs and quality, these products are further evaluated by our team to guarantee top-notched standards. Excellence is what Sogeum (by Salt) strives for in every sphere of our products.

Sogeum (by Salt) was chosen with intentionality to represent the significance of the label in parallel to the purpose of salt. To preserve the grandeur and top-notch standard of the fashion industry, to enhance the flavor of style and to spread the good news of beauty are the goals that Sogeum (by Salt) aims to achieve on every level.